Using Pinterest Analytics For Your Brand’s Success

If you’re like me, you could spend hours on Pinterest looking at images spanning from fashion to inspirational quotes. Indeed, the proof is in the pudding, the reported number of people using Pinterest is around 48 million and climbing. It might not surprise you to find out that over 80% of Pinterest users are female, but did you know that over 43% of all users prefer interacting with brands on the popular social site?

In fact, over 17 million more brand engagements have occurred because of Pinterest. Click To Tweet

But what does that mean for you and your brand’s social strategy?

User’s on Pinterest don’t tend to use the tool to upload original images, they are usually repining from within the site. Which means you have the prime opportunity to supply these users and influencers with relevant content that they want to pin for themselves and their friends to see. However, pinning and supplying content blindly isn’t going to help a brand’s growth and profitability. Wouldn’t you like to know how users are interacting with the content that you’re putting out there?

Thankfully now you can. Pinterest’s new analytics can give brands insight into user interaction, which can help you craft a social strategy that can increase your visibility, up your click-through, and possibly up your transactions (all good things right?)

If you have a verified website registered on Pinterest for your brand, your well on your way to understanding how users are utilizing your content on the site. If you do not have a verified website on Pinterest for your brand yet, I suggest you do so immediately. Pinterest actually gives a good step-by-step process breakdown on their blog here. You’ll notice that they also give a pretty good breakdown of what you can expect to see when using the analytics dashboard and how to read those analytics.

One note before you launch your brand’s Pinterest presence, make sure that what you are pinning is in line with your overall content strategy. If you are pinning about health tips and you are a banking software, to savvy users it will look like you are spamming, and it might turn quite a few of them off. Worse yet, if you use Pinterest for link-building you could get reported and blocked from the site. Here is an excellent infographic (yes, I pinned this to my own boards) that details out some helpful strategies for using the popular site:

Pinterest Strategies
Useful Pinterest Strategies for Marketers

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