Happy 4 Month Birthday Madeline Grace!

4 months ago we started on the most incredible journey that is humbling, hilarious, exhausting, and unbelievable. But for every challenge we face being the parents to this amazing little girl having her in our lives is 100 times more rewarding.

Such a happy little girl!
Such a happy little girl!

Madeline is growing like a little weed measuring in at 25” (almost 26”), but she’s low on the weight scale (?). Thankfully her pediatrician isn’t too worried about Maddy’s weight, and to help boost her growth we’ve been supplementing with formula to give her the calories and fat she needs.

This is her wake-up face!

Madeline has become a little chatterbox as of late entertaining her dad and I with her little noises and sounds as she tries to mimic our consonants. It’s pretty sweet and if you coo back to her, she is just so thrilled!

Madeline’s neck is getting stronger and stronger lately so we’ve been able to sit her up and watch as she swivels her head around to get a good view of the room. Lately we’ve been sitting her in her floor seat so she can play and look around. Like I said she’s pretty small, so she kind of gets swallowed up in the thing, but as she gets bigger I know this thing is going to be super useful (for feeding and playing).

Talking to mommy & daddy about her book!

We also had our first roll this month, which scared the living poop out of mommy and Maddy, but our little Jedi is bound and determined to be on the move! She’s constantly grabbing, pushing, kicking, and squirming to get wherever it is she’s going. She’s still not very good at rolling, and sometimes she needs a little help to make it all the way over, but it’s pretty awesome to watch her fix her sights on something and just go for it.

cute baby
Out little cutie-pie!

We’ve also been lucky enough to have good little sleeper (probably because she tires herself out during the day with all her moving) who is now sleeping almost all the way through the night. One of the things I absolutely live for is seeing Maddy’s happy smile when she wakes up!

We still can’t tell what her eye color is going to be and it seems like every day her eyes are a different shade of beautiful. Sean swears her eyes are going to be hazel like mine, but I keep hoping for green like his (seriously he’s got Cillian Murphy eyes that make me swoon).

Daddy's little princess, she is!
Daddy’s little princess, she is!

Madeline’s Month 4 Milestones

  • This girl’s on a roll! (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). Since rolling is fairly new she’s still a little unsure of herself, but she’s an expert scooter, if you’re not careful she’ll scoot herself right off her play mat before you can blink.
  • Grabbing and grip strength have increased and Maddy’s able to get ahold of her favorite toys, (which are now is her Finding Nemo crinkle book and her Octoplush doll), mommy’s hair, daddy’s beard, or just about anything else she can try and shove in her mouth (time to get rid of my necklaces for the next two years).
  • New sounds are coming every day and Madeline is happy to tell you all about her day.
  • No more baby bobble head! Madeline can now hold her head up for long periods of time to look around and interact with her world.
  • Baby girl is sleeping through the night (most of the time), which is RAD!!!
  • Her eyesight is getting sharper every day so Sean and I delight in reading her stories to watch her smile, giggle, and grab for the pages.

On a professional note, mommy got an amazing opportunity to join the content strategy team at Contently in their west coast office. I was nervous to go back to an office gig after having spent so much time at home nursing our baby girl, but they were super accommodating to me. In fact, one of the big deal makers (besides the fact that I would be working alongside a team of content experts like Shane Snow who have helped shape the industry) was that they offered me a flexible work arrangement, and I’ve seen first-hand how supportive they are to women in the tech industry. For now I’ll be working two days from home and three days in San Francisco, which is pretty much perfect.

Devouring her favorite book.
Devouring her favorite book.
Hop on pop!!
Hop on pop!!
My little elf :)
My little elf :)
Maddy's favorite place is dad's lap.
Maddy’s favorite place is dad’s lap.
Laughing at one of daddy's jokes (he's hilarious).
Laughing at one of daddy’s jokes (he’s hilarious).
Happy Maddy is Happy!
Happy Maddy is Happy!
madelines dress
What happens when Madeline wears dresses – they go in her mouth.
She's already a Star Wars fan!
She’s already a Star Wars fan!
Words can not express how much I love her smile.
Words can not express how much I love her smile.