Sexy vs. Normal Halloween Costumes For Women

…Well it’s that time of year again, and inevitably every girl in the US (and some overseas) are all pondering the multitude of possibilities that this year’s Halloween costume should be.


Oh, the options are truly mind boggling! Should I be a slutty nurse? A slutty girl scout? A slutty witch? A slutty bunny? A slutty mummy? A slutty princess?


What to do…What to do.


It is this time of year that makes me seize up. In theory this holiday allows girls to embrace an otherwise shunned practice of showing off all that you got, I however am not the biggest fan of displaying my otherwise less-then-stellar body (even in the name of holiday fun.)


Why is it that Halloween has become the excuse for a woman’s inner-slut to surface for one night? I remember when it was about dressing up as a Ninja Turtle (I was Donatello) and carrying around my Mom’s king size pillow case in order to collect the most loot. For some reason a little part of me mourns that it is no longer a holiday for fun, but rather an annual night of panties-on-parade. I long for the days that donning an outfit for Halloween didn’t mean a trip to Fredrick’s of Hollywood.


Thankfully I am not alone, apparently Yahoo searches for the phrase “sexy Halloween costumes” have dropped 47% since 2010. In fact, there has been a decided shift towards a modest and creative approach to Halloween with the rising popularity of feminism. Women everywhere are beginning to exercise their option to show a little less skin and owning how sexy that choice can be. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you want to dress up for Halloween, sexy or not, it is your night to have fun and candy (nobody said it couldn’t be eye candy if that’s your preference).


Last year instead of “dressing up” I went as my “Seattle self” to a Halloween party. Upon arrival I was met with a chorus of girls all in as little clothing as possible in order to attract the most attention. But surprisingly, the more I mingled, the more I found that people actually wanted to talk and treat me like a human being. I think this is because even though those women were undeniably beautiful and strikingly under-clad, they were seen as something to ogle. Either the men were too intimidated to speak to them, or the endless sea of sexy bumble-bee outfits and slutty police women began to blend in to one redundant collage of cleavage.