15 Weeks Along – A Geeky Pregnancy Journal

It’s officially my favorite season, Fall and I couldn’t be happier about that! There’s just something magical about the change that you can literally feel in the air as the weather shifts from sweltering summer into the crisp new season that brings with it cute cozy coats, crockpot cooking, pumpkins, warm (decaf) coffee, and planning for your upcoming Halloween costume.

I’ve found some pretty funny and creative ideas for Halloween that would accommodate my pregnant belly, which won’t be huge…but it will be swollen.

Here’s the list of contenders that my fiancé and I have talked about so far:

  • Pregnant Princess Leia & Han Solo
  • Pregnant Bride & Husband (it’s not too late!)
  • Pregnant Housewife & The Milk Man
  • Mummy (so much irony!)
  • Pregnant Unicorn
  • Pregnant Cheerleader (scandalous!)
  • Pregnant Prom Queen (I think this one is the winner!)

My fiancé and I have officially reached the end of our “grace period” for not knowing when we plan on getting married. It’s so very awkward to dance around the subject when we can’t tell people I’ve got a bun in the oven (yet), but hopefully next week we’ll get the green light from our doctors that our little girl’s heart and brain are healthy.

15 Weeks Pregnant


Week 15 began: September 21st, 2015

If you’ve been reading this pregnancy journal than you know that my posts are a few weeks behind because we weren’t able to announce our happy news until we knew our little girl was safe, so the date of my 15th week is going to look a little wonky. 


My jeans officially don’t button. Well, they do, but not comfortably. In fact, by the end of the day all I want to do is sit on the couch and unbutton my pants like my Grandpa used to do (no beer in my hand like him, instead I opt for a glass of slightly chilled water).

My weight is definitely up and I have my good days, and of course, my bad days. The bad days only seem to come when I try on something out of my closet that I stupidly think is still going to fit. I know better, but sometimes I just can’t seem to stop myself. I still don’t weigh myself, but I end up Googling the phrase “15 weeks pregnancy picture” because sometimes I feel like I’m gaining too much weight from what is “normal”. The most important thing to remind myself of (after working myself up) is that there is no normal when it comes to pregnancy. Every woman and every experience is different, and our baby’s health is always priority #1.

Baby & Body:

The baby is about the size of an apple ? which is about 4 inches from crown to rump (my new favorite phrase) and I feel like my bump is much more obvious now! Apparently her eyelids are still fused shut, but now she can sense light, which my fiancé wants to test at our next ultrasound…I have subsequently hidden all flashlights in our house. She’s moving around, but I can’t feel her yet and apparently I won’t until she’s at least 16 weeks old.

My energy isn’t back all the way, but I have been able to sleep a little better lately, which is a very welcome change! I’m not sleeping through the night, but at least I’m not waking up at 2 am and lying awake for hours desperately willing my eyes to close again.

Now that my belly is popping out a tiny bit I need to find a shop that can take out my belly ring…really, I’ve had it way too long as it is, I’m 34, who am I trying to kid? Thankfully the maternity jeans I bought from H&M actually fit, but they feel a little weird because the stretchy band goes all the way up to my bra, but man they are comfier than I want to admit…even though I look like pregnant Urkle. Now I just hope they keep fitting as my body continues to change.

Pregnant Erkle
Pregnant Erkle

Pregnancy Side Effects (the good, the bad, and the ugly):

  • A little more energy – This means I can walk about a mile a day and do the occasional yoga routine without having to curl up and take a nap immediate after (or in the middle of) the activity.
  • I can’t breathe through my nose – apparently this lovely side affect is called rhinitis of pregnancy. (Why are all pregnancy conditions given such awkward/ugly names? Isn’t this supposed to be a beautiful time that we all look back on with fond memories…isn’t it?!)
  • Lack of coordination – I trip when simply strolling across the carpet, I run into walls (seriously!) and I can’t even seem to put my shoes on without some sort of minor pratfall. It’s not pretty, but I’m hoping that my bruises will become plentiful enough to meld into one colorful mosaic that I can claim is some kind of body art.


I’m freelancing for a really cool boutique-branding agency right now as a strategist (just had to get that professional plug in there) and that includes a 1.5 mile walk to and from the BART almost daily. It’s a great way to get outside and see some of the many colorful San Francisco sights like, sassy homeless men who ask about my tattoos, dog poo smeared into colorful phrases, delightfully misspelled graffiti art, and the scores of tragically cool hipsters who refuse to make eye contact or smile.

I really like doing Tonic’s Prenatal Yoga routine on YouTube – and not just because it’s only 10 minutes! I love that the instructor is an actual pregnant woman and that they promote safe and easy practices. The breath work is centering (something I’m not always great at) and the stretching helps you feel a little less “crampy.” I also like that there are episodes (plural), so I don’t get bored with one routine.

Currently Craving:

Lately my fiancé and I have been making good use of our grill to make chicken and turkey burgers that are simply heaven! I’ll have to post the recipe, but they’re super simple to make and they satiate my hunger brilliantly. Of course I am eating at least 5 pickles with each burger (seriously, I can’t get enough kosher dills!) so now we have a stash of pickle jars. We keep joking that we’re going to save the jars and somehow DIY them into candle holders for our wedding 😉

Other foods I’ve been loving lately: spaghetti squash and turkey casserole, green apples, reduced fat Cheez-Its, artichokes, decaf coffee, and jelly beans (not all at the same time). On a side note, I have been desperately craving sushi, but since my favorites are a no-no right now I merely drool over the pictures I find on Pinterest and Yelp.


Still can’t really eat Greek yogurt because of the phlegm it produces, but that’s really been the only thing I’m unable to eat these days. Gross I know.


Trying to stay positive as I gain weight and I watch my body change before my eyes (hello Dolly Parton boobs!!) It’s all for the best cause I can possibly imagine, but some days I have a selfish moment of panic that I will never get my pre-pregnancy body back and I’ll end up waddling down the isle to marry my fiancé (who’s been nothing but supportive and incredible throughout all of this might I add!)

I was lucky enough to go home to Seattle to watch two very good friends get hitched and see so many of the wonderful people that I miss, but it was a challenge to not tell them our good news! We wont be telling anyone until we have our week 16 echocardiogram we don’t want to tell anyone. It’s excruciating having to wait (for both me and my immediate family who all know I’m pregers) but it’s for the best as we’ve had so many scares early on.