14 Essentials For Traveling With a Baby

Recently our little family has been on the road a lot and we’ve found these 14 products essential to our comfort (and sanity) while traveling with a baby.

We flew to New York so Maddy could meet some very dear family friends to Sean’s family on the East Coast, then took a road trip up to Seattle so Maddy could meet her family up in the North West. This all happened in one month, so it’s pretty safe to say we’ve sabotaged any routine that Madeline was starting to develop, but it was worth it to see her light up when she met all her admirers. ?

However, traveling with a baby presents a whole new set of complications and equipment that we discovered through trial and error as well as a few helpful recommendations from friends who also have babies. This list of 14 items reflects the items that we found the most helpful when traveling with our little bundle of joy. Hope these are helpful to other new parents!

14 essentials for traveling with a baby

  1. Extra Car Seat Base – Since we were going to be using Lyft and Uber while we were in New York during the hottest month of the year (such good planning/parenting on our part), we brought an extra car seat base to ensure that Maddy could safely travel with us. Now, I’m all ‘bout dat base.
  2. Car Seat Travel Bag – This rad little sack folds up into a smaller pouch and fits easily into your purse until it’s time to use it at the gate. It’s made several trips without a single rip and it’s bright yellow, so it’s hard to miss when it’s time to claim your luggage.
  3. Bububee ‘Elua Stroller Gate Check Bag – I’ve heard that some airlines provide large bags for strollers, but they’re flimsy. This gate check bag folds up into a smaller pack, it has straps like a backpack if you end up needing to carry your stroller through the airport, and it’s lasted several trips without a single rip.
  4. OXO Tot On-the-Go Travel Drying Rack – This product is a fave for us! It’s a snap to use, the brush works really well and everything folds up and packs away with ease. When you’re traveling with a bunch of bottles, this is a must have!
  5. Tide To-Go – I feel like I am a walking mess these days, usually leaving the house with some form of baby residue on my shirt. These Tide sticks allow me to get a little extra use out of my limited wardrobe while on the road.
  6. Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipe Case – I heart this thing!! We got this case as a gift from a friend and I love that it clips securly to Maddy’s stroller so I have her wipes handy whenever I need them.
  7. Playtex Diaper Genie On-the-Go Changing Kit – The diaper bag I got came with some flimsy pad to use when ever I needed to change my child on the go, but I knew that it just wasn’t going to cut it because I need pockets. This durable little lifesaver has pockets for diapers, it comes with a small wipes case, it has a long changing pad, and it folds up into a satchel that is easy to carry when you’re also juggling a wiggly baby.
  8. Soft/Plush Rattle – This soft rattle packs away into any bag, it’s bright and engaging, and it has a chew toy at the bottom for her to teeth on. For some reason Maddy loves the lion rattle the best, she always freaks out whenever we shake it for her.
  9. Summer Infant EasyStore Comfort Tub – We bought this tub with some skepticism because it seems too good to be true. Easily folds up for storage and inflates to provide a cushioned seat for your child? Yeah right! But low and behold, this tub is fantastic for traveling! It can fit into a suitcase or car without taking up much room, it’s big enough for our 5 month-old, and it even has an inclined seat so Maddy can sit up and look around.
  10. Baby Einstein Activity Arms Toy – Maddy loves this interactive toy because it has a fun rattle, a mirror, and several arms for her to grab at. It clips on to her stroller or car seat easily and she is entertained for a long while.
  11. Baby Buddy Secure-a-Toy – We bought these straps after Maddy killed several of her toys by throwing them out on to the filfthy New York streets. Now, when she launches one of her toys over the side of her stroller, we don’t have to throw it away or burn it.
  12. iComfort Infant Sleeper – Yes, it looks like a dog bed, it’s shaped like a dog bed, and you’re going to feel like you’re putting your kid to sleep in a dog bed…but this compact sleeper is beyond convenient to travel with. It folds up and fits into a suitcase with ease, it has a breathable mesh lining in case your child rolls in their sleep, and it’s about 30 inches long (meaning it fit our 5 month-old perfectly).
  13. Infantino Stick and Spin High Chair Pal – This rad toy has a suction cup on the bottom, so when Maddy is in a restaurant with us we can stick it up on her tray or the table and she’s happy as a clam. Also, it was super useful on the plane when she was sitting in my lap!
  14. Trekaroo Family Travel App – This App is so very helpful when we need to find hotels, restaurants, and activities that are kid-friendly while traveling. It’s well designed for an easy user experience and it works on both the iPhone and iPad (we’re an Apple family).


** I didn’t receive any of these products in exchange for a review, these are my own unbiased opinions based on purchases and gifts we got for our daughter.